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When Roman general Publio Cornelio Escipión chose Tarraco as the winter port for his troops during the Punic Wars against Carthaginian General Hannibal in 211 BC, he did so taking both the coast's singular qualities and its strategic location into account. Gateway to the Ebro Valley and an essential access point to Levante, the ancient and Imperial city of Tarraco was the capital of Hither Spain, its natural Hinterland.

In 2004, the Tarragona Port Authority awarded concession to CONTARSA Sociedad de Estiba (Stevedore Services) to handle the new container traffic terminal. From its first location in the Moll de Castella to the installations of Moll d'Andalusia, the terminal underwent a significant growth in both its capacity and operation volume.

After acquiring 60% of Contarsa's shares in June 2008, DP World took over control of the terminal and presented a project to renovate the facilities in order to increase the operating capacity to 1.5 million TEU in 2010.

Nowadays, DP WORLD Tarragona confirms the strategic vision of the Roman colony's founders and offers its customers a location that enables fast and direct access to and from a market of 13.5 million consumers due to its position and capacity.