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See how much you can save by switching port today

Use our savings calculator to find out how much fuel, time and CO2 you can save

Your savings for switching ports are:

Distance (km)
Cost (€)
Fuel (l)
CO2 (kg)
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Ship Closer, Save Money, Help the Environment!

Data supplied by Mapbox.
How do we calculate these figures?

Distance and duration is the fastest route calculated using the Mapbox API.
Fuel usage is based on a figure of 33.1 litres of fuel per 100km.
Fuel cost is based on a figure of €1.24 per litre.
CO2 emissions are based on a figure of 59.25g/tkm and a reference load of 16t. (mean of groups 5 and 10 regional delivery and long haul reference loads)
Source: Analysis of VECTO data for Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDV) CO2 emission targets.